Director, Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System (SCCOOS)

Director, Cooperative Institute for Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Systems (CIMEAS)

Departments: Integrative Oceanography Division and Marine Physical Laboratory

NOAA IOOS Regional Association:  Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System (SCCOOS)
NOAA IOOS Coastal Ocean and Modeling Testbed:  Advancing the West Coast Ocean Forecasting System through Assessment, Model Development, and Ecological Products
ECOHAB19:  Oceanographic and Cellular Controls on Domoic Acid Production in the Central and Southern California Current System
ECOHAB18:  Integrated modeling of harmful algal genus Pseudo-nitzschia to Support Ecosystem Prediction and Environmental Management in the Southern California Current System
PCMHAB20:  Harmful Algal Bloom Community Technology Accelerator (i.e. development of a national HAB Data Assembly Center)
NSF-Coastlines and People Research Coordination Network:  New Technology to Inform Coastal Science and Management (RESON)
CA Ocean Protection Council Proposition 1:  Implementation of an Automated Early Warning System for Harmful Algal Bloom Events in California. Establishing a statewide network of Imaging FlowCytobots (IFCBs) for real-time HAB detection                  CA Ocean Protection Council Proposition 68/CA Sea GrantA California Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Data Portal to enable synthesis and understanding of statewide status and trend                                                                                                                CA Ocean Protection Council/CA Sea Grant:  Integrated ocean observing systems for assessing Marine Protected Areas across California                                                                                                                                                                                                                        CA Sea Grant: A novel approach to identifying sources, transfer, and impact of domoic acid in marine food webs                          NASA PACE Early Adopter Program: California Harmful Algae Risk Mapping (C-HARM) System


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